I’m Baaaaack.

I started blogging in 2009. I called it The Magic Mirror: it’s a childhood thing, and a story for another time. Friends followed me; I started building a small but loyal writing community. Then, my first book came out, I didn’t become mega-rich and hyper-famous, and I guess it was a “what now?” moment.

So I put the blog on pause.

But I didn’t put the important things on pause. I didn’t stop writing. I didn’t stop learning and growing, as a creative artist and as a human. I didn’t stop — my new favorite term — EXPANDING.

Now, I’m in Washington State, the sixth state of this country I have called home. I’m kind of hoping to stick around this one for a good long while. It’s so pretty here!!!

These last almost two months in my new state (in my new state, in more than one way) have been all kinds of breath-taking, astonishing, awe-inspiring. But these cool, crisp times haven’t always been easy.

My family, my friends, my spiritual coach and community, my former co-workers (and even some of my ex-students) kept me fueled up with so much love. And of course, this whole time, the Universe had my back. As I kept finding my way back. Back and forward.

I just found and started a job that can pay the bills for real, for real. Now I feel strong enough, trusting enough, to start sharing myself with the world again.

I’ve lost all my old Magic Mirror followers due to technical difficulties when I tried to transfer blogs. But I am not worried. Now that I’m finally back — I’m baaaaack! — in this new grownup blog version, I know my people will find me again. My people will find me.

And when you all do find me, I have stuff to share.

Like, what?

Mmm, I don’t know.

[Shrugs. Cracks knuckles.]

Just kidding.

I can tell you about my expansion. Some of the lessons I’ve learned. I’ll tell you about my wild and woolly process one that’s still kicking my ass some days. Like today, for example, lol.

I can tell you the quality I admire the most in myself, the one that saves me.

I can tell you how I wake up every morning at 3:30 am, with — literally — a smile on my face every weekday.

I am baaaack, friends, new and old.

Come find me again. Come follow the journey with me.



2 responses to “I’m Baaaaack.”

  1. Nan Marino

    Looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures!


    1. Thanks, Nan! Great to have you back here! 🙂


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