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Books are Our BFFs: A Giveaway

To continue with last month’s friendship theme, I’d like to offer you a little giveaway to celebrate books and friendship!

You see, starting this blog has been one of the very best things I have ever done. Through it I have met — physically and virtually — some amazing award-winning, up-and-coming, super-talented authors who, most important of all, turned out to be incredible human beings — wise, generous, supportive, inspiring, FUN. I guess that part shouldn’t surprise me too much — people who read and write this many books are bound to have learned a thing of two about kindness and generosity. People like that are also bound to be gutsy and contain a fiery spirit — just the sort of thing I love in human beings. Plus, in their trek toward literary success they have picked up a nugget of wisdom or two, which they are always more than happy to share.

Thus in honor of friendship, wisdom, generosity and — of course — books, which teach us all of those things — I am giving away two books by an author friend I have been fortunate enough to make through this blog: Joyce Moyer Hostetter:  www. joycemoyerhostetter.com   

I have read Joyce’s historical fiction story, “Blue,” Calkins Creek Books, 2006, a few years ago, before I ever dreamed she would actually follow my blog — before I even had a blog. I loved her story — an account of growing up in North Carolina in the mid 1940s, the times of polio epidemic and of course, World War II. 

Now Joyce sent me two more of her works  — her first one  is precious in a way, because it’s no longer in print. Published in 1995 by Friendship Press, “Best Friends Forever” was Joyce’s first imperfect “baby,” or at least that’s the way she describes it. It is a sweet story for young middle-graders about a friendship between n Orthodox Ukrainian girl and an American Mennonite. I am going to have to track down a used copy on amazon.com for me to read, but this spanking brand new signed one I wanted to give away to my supportive followers! The second book Joyce and I are giving away here is “Healing Water, a Hawaiian story” published by Calkins Creek in 2008. This book, which I am also going to find another copy of for my own pleasure, is a fictional account inspired by the actual historical events occurring at a Hawaiian leprosy settlement in late 1800s. The story’s protagonist in battling for survival, must make a choice between aloha — forgiveness — or revenge. It is an inspiration and friendship with one remarkable man who ultimately leads the story’s hero toward making the right choice.


By the way, Joyce and I have timed this giveaway to coincide with a first guest post I am writing for her about growing up in the Soviet Union. Check it out on her blog:


So, without further ado, here is to friendship — and to books!

Leave a comment here — or on Joyce’s blog: http://joycemoyerhostetter.blogspot.com/2011/02/soviet-union-did-have-god-guest-blog-by.html

so I could enter your name in this newest giveaway contest!


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