About Katia

Katia Raina 3

When I was a little girl, I wore a pioneer scarf around my neck and believed in communism.

I also secretly believed in magic mirrors. Even as a shy little Soviet girl, I dreamed that across the magic glass someplace there was another land, one of skyscrapers reaching into the clouds, and giant bridges of steel that hung from the sky.

I reached that land as a teen in 1993, when I stepped out of the JFK airport in New York City. I found my real home, met a man of my dreams, fell in love with the English language, moved into the Jersey suburbs, and got myself a beautiful, complicated American life.

After college I became a newspaper journalist and had quite an adventure chasing stories, keeping tabs on local officials, or just poking my nose everywhere it’d fit. Then I stayed home with my two kids and got started on what would become a very winding writing journey.

Teaching high school English in Camden, New Jersey became the beginning of another career I love. Now I teach 6th graders in Washington, D.C., and every day continues to be an adventure. I have an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

I  write for young readers, every day.  And I still believe in magic.

My debut novel, CASTLE OF CONCRETE, is forthcoming from Young Europe Books in June, 2019.



4 thoughts on “About Katia

  1. I absolutely love this picture! I also believe in magic mirrors and as a child wrote stories about them.
    I really admire your talent and motivation!
    You do have to add one thing to this. What a wonderful dog trainer you have become!

  2. Katia, I am totally impressed with this “About Me,” it is so beautiful, so evocative and well complemented by the photos. What a nice blog, I am impressed with your longevity and staying so true to your theme!

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