What I’ve Been Up To, Part 2: A Conversation With My Shadow

Hi again, dear friends, and happy last day of February! It’s a snowy morning here in Western Washington. Without further ado, here’s poem #2!


I'm grown now,
I keep telling myself that,
The child inside me
Curled up 
On a narrow bed.

Scary stories 
Slip in her ears,
Stalking her soul,
Slithering snakes whispering slander.

I am grown, 
Too busy to babysit
My own self, for God’s sake,
Gotta go to work,
Gotta wake up early,
Gotta write a new story,
Gotta make dinner,
Gotta chase dreams,
Gotta make it…

Too busy to hear
The shadow whisper
Something's wrong,
Something's wrong with you,

Hurry, hurry, hurry,

I slow my step.
What was that?

Don't just sit there!

Instead, I pay attention
To the voice so familiar
I’ve almost missed it.

Look at you
Numb like prey,
Aren't you afraid,
To take up this much space?
Aren't you ashamed,
You must be cringing,


Actually, I am a genius.

What? But aren't you ashamed--

Of being alive and precious?

My inner child sits up and straightens.

What are you still doing here? 

Instead, my inner child and I,
We're walking,
This whole time we have been.

We've been riding,
we’ve been flying,
For some time now,
Loving the beauty of the view,
And contributing to it, too.

Why are you--

I am here for a reason, 
we say it to each other, grinning.

But you're doing it wrong, don't you notice, you're all wrong ---

There is no wrong way 
To sing a love song, 
No wrong way
To play,
To slap together successes 
out of glorious messes.

Like a lantern,
My inner child’s face
Lights up with love,
And we both bask
In the glow.

But oh --
Where did that shadow go?

That's what's been up! Stay warm, everyone. The work day is rolling on. Wish I was back home in my pjs right now. Love, Katia

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