Happy Monday!

I’m excited for several reasons on this marvelous end-of-the-month Monday!

  • Today is Minion Monday at my new school. I’ve never dressed up like a minion before. 
  • Work is going well: I’m getting the hang of the brand new systems and responsibilities, and people are appreciating my efforts. I like the vibes I’ve been cultivating in my learning space with the kids. I like the feeling of being at work. It’s fun, fast-moving, flowing, easy – in a fresh, exciting way. One foot in teaching, still, but only one foot. Lots of moving around the building. I’m still a hurricane of productivity, you know me, I can’t help myself — and/or I might secretly like that a little. But now there’s room to breathe in the day and no work to take home — thank you, boundary-respecting work culture of the Pacific Northwest!
  • I have been making MAJOR spiritual discoveries. Epiphany after epiphany after epiphany, like WHOA. The best epiphanies are simplest, don’t you find? They can sound like DUH to other people – or like nonsense, depending on where the said people are. It’s all good. Everyone’s journey is beautiful — and their own. But here is one of my recent discoveries for you: we humans have so much power. I have so much power. It’s just been really hitting me this week. And – yeah, yeah, yeah, you may have heard that before, we can do anything. But what if it was true? Like, actually? Like, holy shit, how-is-this-even-possible true, and at the same time, of course it is, of course it is? Anyone here know what I’m talking about? Call it magic, call it birthright, call it your connection with the divine. Call it awesome, in the original sense of the word, or in the modern, if you prefer, call it easy, call it whatever. But call it up, summon it, and hold on to it whenever possible, because that power is as real as you’ll allow it to be.
  • This morning, just past 5 am Pacific Time, I finished a first draft of a very strange and I hope, extremely disturbing, short horror story, almost 13K words long (40+ pages). It’s about a combat boot; that’s all I am willing to tell you for now. I am still figuring out how I want to package it for the reader, what parts of the concept I want to put out there, and what, if anything, I want to hold back. Yeah, it’s still a first draft, but I like what I wrote. Some first drafts I’ve written in the past have left me depleted, not in a good way. This one though? It’s filling me with air and sunlight. (An odd feeling to experience from having written a horror story, hmm? What’s wrong with me? ;)) I am setting the story aside now, to let it sit by itself and mature, before I start poking at it again. More on that soon. Or soon-ish! Now…on to considering the next thing. Delicious. Scary. Aaaaaah!



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