A Pause

Dear Readers,

I have not gone away. 

Just hibernating. Re-evaluating. Growing.

There will be more soon. I’ll get back into the blogging, and that’s a promise. I love it too much not to.

My old blog posts are still available if you’re curious (pages and years worth of content for your reading pleasure!) And if you want to support Castle of Concrete, my Silver Medal Moonbeam-Award Winning, ALAN Pick and Foreword Reviews Starred Review book, out in June 2019 with New Europe/Young Europe Press, a small literary publisher, here are the links: IndieBound, Barnes and Noble, Amazon. The story is about a teen daughter of a Soviet Jewish dissident accidentally falling in love with an anti-Semite.

To learn about some of the inspiration that went into my novel, feel free to read this very personal literary essay.

Update: Oh, by the way, the date is wrong on here. I posted this maybe in 2020?  Yes, I think so. A couple of good posts were lost in my weird tech troubles with transitions. I don’t even know how. Please don’t ask.

Oh, well. I’ll make up for it later. Because…Did I mention I’ll be back?

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