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Been Too Long!

I can’t believe how long it’s been! Ayayayayay! 

Part of this is…summer is precious now for a teacher, going, going, gone, which is fine, it’s all good, I’ve always been that girl who loved all the seasons, and even to the Ms. Raina version of me, September is just as exciting as June. But the summer does go fast, and it’s filled with so much to do: first sleep off the exhaustion accumulated during the year, and then cook and bake and swim and read and write and travel and just be, breathing in the sweet breeze, doing nothing when possible.


Okay, so underneath all the breezy summer excuses is another reason I haven’t been blogging.

I think I am becoming more private as a writer. I think I need that.

When I went to VCFA, I was happy to put my learning on display to my very appreciative writing community. I found it helpful to me, too. It was like college notes for all of us! But now…college is over. Now it’s just me and my work. I am still learning, still discovering something about myself and my craft, maybe even every day. Maybe that’s just the way it goes. But now I think I need to stay in a dark hidden space: just me and my discoveries.

So, why even have this blog then? Yes, I asked myself that very relevant question. I even started writing a good-bye post. But I haven’t quite made that decision, either.  So that’s where I am. That’s why the long, indecisive silence.

Blogging takes commitment. Energy. Long silences are getting weird. Nothing we do in life should be a maybe.

On the other hand, I do love the small community I’ve built here. Would I be able to find you all again if I started another blog on another site when the time is right God-knows-when?

Enjoy the rest of your summer, friends. Whatever I decide, I am grateful to you all for being here all these years — seven years to be exact, at least for some of you, wow! ❤




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