Happy New Year! Here is to Continuing!

DSCN3102Yes, it’s been a while. My new life has swept me in, in the craziest and most wonderful of ways because yes, I love being a teacher, and it is a job that demands your all and then some.

Still, I wanted to take a quick minute to wish you all a happy 2016.

The year 2015 has been that turning point year I have been wishing for. It was the year of an important ending, as I graduated with that dream MFA degree. And it was the year of a huge beginning, as I embarked on a brand new dream job and career.

In my ever-evolving and exciting life, I have moved around in every way; I have started and ended many things: friendships, manuscripts and yes, jobs and careers. Now though I find myself in a different place.

I declare this year 2016 to be the year of continuing.

My top wish/goal/hope and resolution for 2016 is to continue strong and stronger on the teaching journey I have begun, to become a true and real professional in every way and to bring my students toward real, life-changing gains.

My other resolutions:

to continue to honor every part of what it means to be human, which includes keeping my body in shape and taking joy in my family;

to continue the new novel I started this summer;

to continue this blog, even if that means incredibly patchy and sporadic postings;

to continue to be honestly, messily, goofily, unabashedly myself. NYC 2016 Katia better

Endings are bitter-sweet; beginnings are exciting. But continuation is what allows us the time, the space and the strength to make great things happen. So, here is to a great new year of…continuing!

Love and best wishes to all,



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Here is to Continuing!

  1. So great to see you this happy, Katia! AND so very happy to hear that you are continuing writing. I mean, your students can have you–but they can’t have ALL of you. 😉 I hope we can squeeze in a coffee sometime soon. I miss you!
    Best to you, your family & students in 2016!

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