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Writing Goals: A Progress Report

Just a little more than a month ago I blogged about my new — or updated — writing goals. Writing vows, I called them. Summer is often my time to take stock, and re-adjusting my goals is one way I try to make sure I stay on the right writing track.

This post is an update, for anyone out there curious to see how I’ve been keeping up with my own solemn promises. Also, it being back-to-school time and all, and with me going back to school, myself, soon (more on that in another post), I look at it as my own “progress report.”

So, here is how it’s been going, point by point, in reverse order.

7. Goal: Add thoughts and observations into a special notebook dedicated just for that purpose.

Grade: B-

Not too awesome. The few entries I have managed to include in that journal don’t seem to do justice to the amount of travelling I have done in the last few weeks, nor to the richness of life I experience every day, if I think about it.

Abandon this quest? No. I want to give it another shot.

How can I do better? In general, this one’s been hard to keep up with, because it isn’t part of my everyday routine. Maybe if I take a few moments to write in a journal each night, before going to bed? I am a little wary of adding yet another to-do item to my list. I will see if I can keep up with this!

6. Goal: Keep updating my writing process notebook, noting the things I have learned, the things that have worked for me, or didn’t.

Grade: B

Yeah, I’ve done it a few times. Could I have done it more often? Totally.

Abandon this quest? No, I think noting down the things I’ve learned about my own process can continue to be useful. Otherwise it’s too easy to forget these little discoveries.

How can I do better? I don’t know if I want to go crazy with this. I think, just continue keeping track of the things I’ve been learning and jotting them down the best I can is fine. Maybe a “B” isn’t always such an awful grade? 🙂

5. Goal: Keep the deadlines reasonable, don’t go crazy.

Grade: A-

I’ve definitely faced the temptation of pushing myself to go faster, lately. Instead, I try to be smarter. It’s a fine balance between rushing too much and relaxing into a pace that is too slow. I think I might just be getting there.

Abandon this quest? Why would I want to? It’s working!

4. Goal: Leave your daily Facebook(ing) and social networking for after dinner.

Grade: F

Yeah, right. Not even close with this one.  A quick Facebook check in is something I just can’t seem to give up. Sigh.

Abandon this quest? Yes. If it isn’t working, it isn’t working. Still, I’ve actually been pretty good about not staying too long when I do check in, and only doing it after I have put in some writing time. I’d like to stick with that instead, from now on, and not feel guilty about it. Even when I worked full-time and wrote, I seemed to be able to squeeze in a quick Facebook check-in or two. I guess it’s just part of being a modern-day human being. Sad, isn’t it?

3. Goal: wake up at 5 a.m. on weekdays.

Grade: B

Eh.  Some days I spring right out of bed. Other days, I’m at my desk by 6. Once in a while, I don’t make it downstairs until — gasp — 8 in the morning. I know, I know. I’m trying, okay?

Abandon the quest? Nope. I want this. I want to be a 5 a.m. girl. It might take me some time to achieve this. And maybe, to tweak this goal a little, I’ll allow myself to be less disciplined during summertime. See, I am pretty gentle with myself.

My patient kids relaxing on a train ride across France while their Mama takes a quick break from writing to snap a picture.

2. Goal: Make meaningful time for at least one of my kids each day (my daughter’s bedtime doesn’t count).

Grade: B+

I almost gave myself an A-, because I really am getting there. And I’ve been much better about reacting to their interruptions with sweet “Yes, darling?” instead of the grumpy, “What!”

Abandon the quest? No way in the world. Without those beautiful interruptions, what is the point of anything anyway? Hide behind the computer screen for life? I don’t think so.

How can I do better?  Here is an idea: every time I write down my writing plan for the next day, I can also write down a fun little activity I have planned for one or both of my lovelies.

1. Goal: write every single day no matter what, at least fifteen minutes on weekends/vacations.

Grade: A+

I have done it. One hundred percent, without fail, every single day. Yay!

Abandon the quest? Never!


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  1. You’re doing super.

    It’s good to have goals as long as we don’t push ourselves too hard. I’d also like to wake up earlier, but some days I keep hitting that snooze button.

    Comment by Medeia Sharif | August 31, 2012 | Reply

    • It’s a tricky balance sometimes, isn’t it? Pushing, but not too hard, but still hard enough?? All we can do though is keep on trying, right? 🙂

      Comment by Katia Raina | August 31, 2012 | Reply

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