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I am NOT a KGB Spy!

I have so many great things here in the wings, more awesome contemporary historical fiction titles to share with you, great interviews I have lined up for you, a torrent of thoughts on my writing adventures, my super-duper list of the greatest-ever contemporary historical fiction titles coming along nicely, in fact almost done . . . but I have to put all this on hold – and address an urgent situation of a global caliber! I guess I should have done it before – the Russian spy ring story is almost over — and yet it had never occurred to me until now that my readers might be a tad concerned.

After all, I am a suburban housewife with big dreams and a pair of kids living in New Jersey – a perfect cover, huh?


My own very awesome writing buddy asked me in an e-mail, “Why have you disappeared lately? They aren’t arresting or deporting you, I hope . . . I guess you’re trying to keep a low profile, heh-heh-heh?”



Darn, people. How dare you suspect me!

I mean, on this very blog. How many times have I said it: I LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Maybe this is it the problem, right there . . . the lady protesting too much, you all think???

Anyway, the scandal has blown over. It’s all done. Yesterday, the AP says, they caught the 12th person in connection with this unpleasant business, and quietly deported him, because they didn’t even have enough evidence to properly charge the young man with a crime. 


Besides . . . do you really think I have that “spy appeal?” Like, you know, Anna “Chapman,” that “007-worthy,” red-head, as the NY post puts it?


No matter. Even if you have your suspicions . . . please keep them to yourselves! Don’t send this link to the FBI – oh I implore you!


"Don't Gab!"

You wouldn’t want me deported, would you? You would miss me too much, right? RIGHT???


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  1. Very funny.

    When I was a kid I thought Russian espionage ended with the fall of the USSR. Those were some interesting links.

    I won’t tell anyone….ssshhhh.

    Comment by Medeia Sharif | July 15, 2010 | Reply

    • I know, Medeia. That’s what I had thought, too! What intelligence could they possibly need from us now? (“They” meaning the Russians, “us” the Americans, of course!) 😉

      Comment by Katia Raina | July 15, 2010 | Reply

  2. Katia, if you came over here to spy, you sure did a lousy job. I mean, I know how much work you’ve been putting into your recent WIP. You couldn’t have had any time to do proper spying, with all the writing you’ve been doing! What could you possibly have offered Russia? How to improve their fantasy world building? The importance of revisions? Consistency of POV? I don’t think you would have risked losing your freedom in order to spy–unless, of course, you were looking for some uninterrupted writing time… LOL.


    Comment by PB | July 20, 2010 | Reply

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