Katia Raina

The Magic Mirror

2010: an old-fashioned Russian year

Whenever you people think of Russia, you probably conjure up images of fur-coats, snow mounds and circus bears wearing warm floppy hats . . . 🙂 In reality, Russia does have other seasons, you know 🙂 I would even argue that the autumn, the summer, and especially the spring stand out even brighter, even more sharply defined, in contrast to the long, snowy winter.  

This year, on this side of the Atlantic, we all have heard many complaints about “the damn snow.” I try to be polite when people whine about it, but the little girl in me, the one who spent her entire childhood in the Land of the Frost, she wants to call out, this is what winter is! And it won’t last forever! And it’s pretty in its own way, is it not?

Now that the snow is gone — FINALLY gone, you will say — now, look around.  Shed the puffy, static-y old coat with bulging pockets! Sniff in the air that does not bite your skin! Take in the stillness of the quiet sky. Would it all feel this magnificent if we had like, one snow storm throughout the year? Sure, it would still seem lovely. But not this divine. Not this deserved. You know?

Writing can be like that. Life can be like that, sometimes. If you just let it. I say, go through the winter-times bravely. Don’t hibernate — enjoy the frost — be braver than a Russian bear! Tell yourself that soon — so soon — spring will be here.



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