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Venus Williams And I Have Something In Common

an amazing photo of her last night, from Life magazine

Venus Williams rocked last night. I watched her at the Madison Square Garden, my first tennis match ever, in a sort of a corporate date with hubby (his business friends invited us). I am not a sports person, I barely understand it, follow, or care. Yet, last night, I held my breath. I could not look away, especially closer to the end of the match, when things got hard. Amazed, I watched the powerful Venus grow weary with each loss. She often screamed out, as though half in ecstasy, half in pain, as she lunged forward to meet yet another tricky serve from her impressive opponent Kim Clijsters of Belgium. I sat there, transfixed before this incredible young woman, only a few rows away from me, only a few years younger than me, reaching out within herself, for the victory. The way she loved and hated that fluorescent-color ball flying at her, over and over again, it reminded me so much of writing.  Here comes the ball, she gives it a brilliant rebuke, and here it comes right back at her.

I wake up early in the mornings, to make sure writing takes its place in my day, and I get dizzy with exhaustion, sometimes literally. I get stuck in my manuscript, over and over and over. But, over and over and over, I go back in, I try this, I try that, yet again I fix these pesky six chapters. After all, I have done it before, with my previous manuscript, my last scene, or maybe even my last sentence. I will get stuck again. I’ll howl in pain and frustration, and in love. And I’ll rediscover my story. Again. And again. And again.

Thank you, Venus, for reminding me, for showing me, that anything can be like that – should be like that tennis match last night – difficult – beautiful.

Go Venus!!!! 🙂

This ESPN link chronicles her win.


You can see from the coverage that I am not making this up: it’s true that there were many empty seats in the grand hall, but no one cared. The excitement, the strife filled the space to the brim.


March 2, 2010 - Posted by | Writing Mirror

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