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The super-duper list of contemporary historical fiction: a work in progress!!!

I had no idea it would take so much digging, so much research and so much guesswork to come up with the titles for this list. What I found out: there isn’t so much out there. Many, many books, but scattered all over the net, all over amazon, all over awards lists, etc., in categories ranging from historical to just modern-day fiction, even though no, it isn’t exactly modern day. When I came up with an idea for this list, I didn’t know it would grow into this PROJECT.

Anyway, even though I am a big YA reader, I also do love a great adult book, so the list will include both, with a big focus on YA. I am still VERY open to ideas, feedback and contributions. Who knows, it might take me months, to put the thing together, actually. (I won’t put anything on the list that I have not read and either fell in love with, or thought very worthy, for one reason or another.) So yeah, much work lies ahead. But at the same time, I find this really cool and exciting, the fact that there is nothing out there exactly like my lovely little LIST, organized in just such a way, in one place on the Internet. I already know a few titles that definitely belong. And I’ve already come up with a whole bunch of contenders, a little let’s see list. Am going to the library website to start up on my reading NOW.

More on this later,



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