Katia Raina

The Magic Mirror

“The Disappeared,” by Gloria Whelan

Dial Books 2008

What a find! Set in Buenos Aires in 1977, the year of my birth, this one definitely goes on my super-amazing grand MASTER list of kick-ass contemporary historical fiction. In sparingly told alternating chapters, young Silvia and her older brother Eduardo write letters to each other, which they might never get to send, after Eduardo has been thrown into an awful jail by a military regime for his brashness and his outspokenness about the injustices he had witnessed. I could just smell the sweat and the fear of that kind of life, the one where you’re never quite sure whom to trust, or what to say out loud — or if you are sure, maybe you shouldn’t be. If not me, my parents — my mom — definitely knew this kind of life, to the southeast of that place, in the good old Soviet Union. And then the premise: the sister Silvia, who also happens to be quite a beauty tries to “get friendly” with a big-shot general’s son, so she can get him to convince his father to free Eduardo. You just HAVE to find out what happens. Right?


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