Katia Raina

The Magic Mirror

“Prada and Prejudice” By Mandy Hubbard

  Razorbill, 2009

Can this story be considered historical? 🙂

I say yes. Well, kind of.

A few months ago, everyone was talking about this book, and here I am finally catching up. An American girl on a class trip to London buys a pair of red Prada shoes to impress her obnoxious classmate, and when she puts them on, she’s magically transported to 19th century countryside . OK, no wonder the book had the kid lit circles buzzing. It’s got every ingredient of a bestseller: a romance with a hot guy (who happens to be a duke!), a ticking time bomb (in the form of an impending arrival of the real Rebecca from America), a few parallel plots, a few nicely fleshed-out antagonists. I loved the 1815 setting: I could just so feel everything: the beauty of the dresses, the expanse of the duke’s castle-mansion home, with all those never-ending rooms and corridors,  the expanse of the 19th century sky dotted with more stars than a modern eye has ever seen . . . OK, so me being this literary chick, I was hoping for a touch more depth: you know, maybe a little symbolism, I don’t know, a couple more connections. And well, I was a bit confused as to what happened to Alex at the end (don’t want to mention specifics, just in case).

Overall though, it was a great ride!!! 🙂 And as a historical books aficionado, I am in love, because I felt like I was definitely there – so much so that I didn’t feel like going back to the present at the end of the book – maybe that’s what my problem was! 🙂


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