Katia Raina

The Magic Mirror

To enter the enchanted woods . . .

Picture me entering a dense wood, the dark forest of Russian fairytales. Over on the right, Baba Yaga witch’s house is walking around on chicken legs. On the left, an enormous oak tree might be hiding a beautiful singing Princess Bird among its thick branches. I often find myself in this choosing place in my life. I find myself there now.

What do I write? Do I get back to my Soviet tween fantasy? Do I try to revise that Russian folktale retelling, somehow cutting it in half? Do I write a guest blog post for GirlMogul.com?

What do I even blog in my own blog about? Dozens of ideas entice me: a ripe berry peeking out from behind a leaf; the funny tune of a bird I want to make out . . . 

There is just so much OUT THERE, so much to explore.

Before me, the road divides into a dozen narrow pathways, and I want to take each one.

The Russian Vasilisa, exploring the enchanted woods 🙂  artist: Ivan Bilibin (20th century illustrator)


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  1. I’m following you!!!!
    Love that picture, love what that implies!
    I’ll soon be done with your book, I’m sorry I did not start to read it before but I got cought in other stuff and I was delaying, but I started last week, and I can’t stop now! So far, not that you care about what I think, but I’m soooooooo impressed, amazed by you, you are so talented!
    I’m a teenaged jewish russian girl, and I don’t like it!!!
    I thought being a regular french teenageger just suck, it could have been worse!!!
    As soon as I’m ready (by that I mean as soon as I’m worthy of your talent) I’ll get back to you, and if you still need some drawing or anything I can help you with, then I’ll be glad to do it!
    Bisous bisous

    Comment by Sarah | February 26, 2010 | Reply

    • Dear Sarah,

      So nice to see you here on my blog!! 🙂 Thanks for reading the “Castle” manuscript. I’m glad you let me know, because the book changed very much since I last sent it to you! We writers are always revising 🙂

      Bisous bisous right back to you!

      Comment by Katia Raina | February 26, 2010 | Reply

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