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The Magic Mirror

“The September Sisters” by Jillian Cantor




Laura Geringer Books, Harper Teen 2009

This is another title from my agent’s amazing list. The only reason I’m writing about so many of those right now is because that’s what I am reading. Damn, my agent has good taste! 🙂

It hurt to read this book. Really hurt. I cried. The crazy thing, I was also laughing – or at least snorting at something stupid someone said within a few pages of the crying spots. The book captures the fragility of life. The fragility of family. The fragility of just becoming a teenager. The fragility of teen romance – of first love, which can’t ever have a happy ending. The book is written with such simplicity. And yet, behind it, hides the beauty. The ugliness too. What it means to be human. This is a novel, a fabrication, a made-up story. I had to remind myself of that as I was reading, because it felt so honest, so raw, so true.

I am always excited when I can add another title to the list of my most favorite books ever. This exquisite tale definitely belongs there, because of the simple, seemingly effortless way it has touched me so deep inside. Bravo, Jillian Cantor for your work, and thank you, Jessica for sharing it with me.


January 17, 2010 - Posted by | Book Impressions

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