Katia Raina

The Magic Mirror

So much to do . . .

As 2010 approaches, I am feeling it more than ever. It’s a tidal wave of a feeling, this pressure building inside my chest, there is so much to do. I want to touch every possibility, reach into every corner, I want many arms, like one of those Buddhist deities. I want to whip “Castle of Concrete” into its best shape. I want to jump back into my fantasy and frolic there, I want to . . . Try my hand at this science article, write this essay on “Pretending” for a literary magazine. A piece I have submitted on one man’s very important cause – I have to see it through – and I have to . . . Need to . . .  write the story about one amazing girl, and oh, one of those days I will get into science fiction. At the same time I want to . . . clean my house, wash my hair and re-arrange the kids’, like, everything (everything needs it, believe me!), I want to hang out with my hubby just kissing and doing nothing at all .  . . I want to play Monopoly with my son all day, do an all-Barbie play-marathon, I want to . . . play with my dog and my cat, and read every book worth reading. I want to teach teenagers, I want to start an open mike reading night in our area, I want to . . . get some kids going on a community newspaper or a journalism club.


But I need to have to want to am dying to  . . . do it all . . . and then more! 

Wish me a busy life, and a busy year 🙂


December 28, 2009 - Posted by | Personal Mirror

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